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Raymarine C80 Multifunction Color Display Review

The Raymarine C80 is a popular multifunction color display for use as an all-in-one chart plotter, radar system, or digital fish finder.  Its extra large 8.4 inch and sunlight viewable screen makes it a popular choice for installations that require extra visibility.

The C80 is a component based system with inputs for a multitude of modules.  The popular choices are the HD digital sounder, GPS sensor, radar and support for SIRIUS satellite radio and marine weather.

Raymarine C80You can configure the system exactly the way you want so you aren’t paying for functionality that you’ll never use.  It also gives you the freedom to expand once required without having to pay for an entire new navigation system.

You can mount the Raymarine C80 on either the trunion mounting bracket or for those after something a little more slick – the included low-profile flush mounting kit.

Navigating the on-screen menus is a breeze and you even have the ability to customize the windows so you can see exactly what you need.  The screen is large enough to make multi-window configurations still easily viewable.

The quality of the screen is one of the highlights of the Raymarine C80.  The high contrast and anti-glare protection makes it still viewable in direct sunlight and the 256 color high resolution image means you won’t miss any little detail.

It is well built and rugged enough for day to day use on the boat and weatherproof to the CFR46 standard.

HD Digital Fishfinder

Probably the reason you are looking at the Raymarine C80 is due to its Digital Sounder Module.  This feature is unreal!  When you connect the display to the option digital sounder module you turn the display into a fisherman’s best friend.

The module is remotely mounted which makes installing easy across a wide range of boats.  The feed you get from the sounder is very clear and eliminates most clutter.  You can therefore see the bottom structure and any fish with great clarity.

The digital fish finder includes modes for a-scope, bottom lock, and zooming and has a maximum depth of 5000ft.

Raymarine SR50 Weather Receiver Module

With the addition of the Raymarine SR50 weather receiver, you have the ability to get both SIRIUS satellite radio as well as the latest weather forecasts right on the display.  These provide some great advantages to the serious fisherman.

Receive all the vital information for a safe and successful fishing trip, including: storm tracking; lightning strike reports; satellite sea surface temperatures; surface pressure; wind forecasts; swell and more.

The satellite radio gives you access to some great music, news, sport and reports when the fishing is a bit quieter.

Radar System

Add an open-array or radome antenna so your C80 for some awesome radar performance.

Target tracking; waypoint navigation; low noise; Auto GST; enhanced target returns; AIS Target tracking (optional with the AIS250) makes it a very powerful radar system.

Raystar GPS Sensor

You can turn your Raymarine C80 into a top GPS charting system by connecting up a Raystar GPS Sensor.  By using the Navionics charts you get a fast drawing chart plotter with high resolution 256 color display that provides amazing clarity.

The chart plotter includes features such as Auto Range mode; true or relative motion; course-up, north-up, head-up modes; Loran TD positioning; support for VHF DSC position reports when connected to a DSC VHF; AIS target tracking when connected to an optional AIS250 receiver.

Other Features

On top of the features listed above, the Raymarine C80 integrates seamlessly with your boats navigation, engine and instrument data using SeaTalk (and SeaTalk NG), NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and J1939.

Having all of this information accessible from the one screen makes using and maintaining the boat a lot easier than without.  Know when faults occur or may occur before they happen.

User Comments and Reviews

I have included below a few comments from some owner’s of the C80 and supporting modules highlighting their experiences with the system.

“Provides virtually all info. needed for navigation. Chartplotter with Radar overlay is very useful–wonder how I lived without it until now…” – Steve – Buzzillions.com

“”I bought the C-80 only because the C-120 was too big for my installation. This unit has a clear & bright display although challenged by direct sunlight. (The Navionics chip is a mandatory addition for proper navigation.) I only use my C-80 for navigation/chart plotting, depth/fish finder. The manual clearly explains all the features of the C-80 but does not fully explain the uses for all the functions ie: adjustable Gain, VRM settings, etc. The only other complaint I have is the C-80 is cumbersome to assign names to tracked courses and locations.” – Kemosabe II – Buzzillions.com

“I have had Lorance, Garmin, Hummingbird, and Nav Man in the past and the Raymarine out performs them all marking fish on plane and the tech support is outstanding” – Jay. D – Buzzillions.com

“As a professional guide, I turn my Raymarine C80 on every day to a clear image that I am proud to show my customers. After some use you can predict types of fish and even their sizes.

The additional “add ons” like Sirius weather radar make the product even more valuable.” – Doug – Buzzillions.com

Where to Purchase

As you can see, the C80 is a wonderful piece of equipment and a worthy investment for any fisherman looking for a new multifunction display system.  The modular options make it an affordable and customizable solution so you get exactly what you want at less of a cost.

You can purchase the Raymarine C80 and any additional modules for up to 25% off the RRP from Amazon.com.

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