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The Best Bream Lures for Your Tackle Box

Bream LuresBream have to be one of Australia’s favourite saltwater fish to catch.  Nearly everyone on the east coast has a story as a kid growing up chasing bream.  Catching bream on lures is the type of fishing that never grows old and something not many will master.

Selecting the best bream lures doesn’t have to be a mystery; you just have to get out an experiment and stick with what works.  For some reason, a lot of fishermen like to change their lures up even if they have been having success with another.  Save yourself the frustration and find what works at different times of the day and year and stick with it; you will catch a lot more bream more often this way.

Here is a collection of bream lures that are a must have for any tackle box and should be enough to catch a nice fish even at the worst of times.

Bream Lure #1Bushy’s Stiffy Minnow

The minnow design has been a favourite among bream fisherman for a long time.  Bushy has taken this popular shape to another level with his range of hard bodies bream lures.

These 60mm lures are well constructed with top quality trebles (Owner) attached to a welded frame.  These lures will last a lot of hard hits and tough fish.  They cast well and far and retrieve at a little over 1 metre.

Bream Lure #2 – Ecogear SX 40F

Bream Lure – Ecogear SX 40F

Next up is another tournament winning lure from Ecogear.  The SX 40F is a shad style lure measuring in at a smaller 40mm.  It has a tight shimmy action which sends the bream absolutely nuts.  A loud rattle stirs the fish up even more and can make the most passive of bream turn aggressive.

This lure is great for a stop-start or twitch retrieve as it slowly floats to the surface rather than rocketing up like many other diving lures.  It keeps it in the strike zone much longer and gives the fish something to think about and time to hit the lure hard.

Bream Lure #3 –Smith Towadi Top Water Plug

Bream Lure - Smith Towadi Top Water Plug

The last lure is for those willing to trying something a bit different to catch their bream.  The Towadi by Smith lures is a very popular top water plug (minnow style) that just so happens to work great with bream.

Using a twitch and pause style retrieve (walk the dog) you can get bream in the shallows really excited and striking hard.  It is great fun and works a treat.  If you haven’t tried a surface lure before then this will be a great place to start.

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